Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Fabulous Memorial Day with Friends!

Yesterday was such a blessed day of fellowship.  Our family went to some dear friend's house to play.  We walked to the park , Barbecued, talked and of course ;) threw knives and tomahawks.

We counted up children and with our three families there were fourteen.

             Walking to the park
     where Hadassah ate the rocks . . . .                           and my camera died.

Back at the house ( with new batteries)

Knife throwing . .

 I was going to put a picture of Grace throwing but since she made us all look bad . . . . . . ;)

This is where Titus told Haven - I am the big Doggy and you are the princess!
She was gracious and humored him. 

What a blessing good friends are!
We didn't really want to get up this morning - we were so tuckered out.  Laying in bed, I heard a crash in the kitchen and thought "oh no what is Titus getting into"  but it was Caleb trying to get everything out to make pancakes for the family :)

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