Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Caterpillers, Pumkin Bread and Games, Oh My!

I woke up this morning to thunder . . ahh my favorite.  I LOVE a good thunderstorm.  What a way to start the day :)  I went around opening the windows so I could hear the rain and feel the moisture in the cool air.  The fun weather helped me think out of the box a little this morning so with a little pep talk we ran about doing our chores so we could get to the fun stuff.  After we had six children cleaned and dressed and breakfast was cleaned up, the kids had a blast making crafts.


 Isabella needed hers to be girly ( hence the hair bow ) and of course it needed butterfly wings.  I was going to line them all up and see if you could guess which one was Isabella's but then Titus got a look at her "flap flaps".

After seeing Isabella's all the boys felt like they needed to take theirs up a notch.  Now there was no way they wanted gauzy pink wings  . . . but a superhero cape would be nice.

Then Caleb of course had to make a sheath and sword for it with special antenna that could grab and wield it.

After Bible time we started making pumpkin bread.  Thank you to my dear friend, Mrs. Love for my favorite recipe - Momma Bug's Recipe

SO before it looks like we don't accomplish any school around here - it was intermingled with everything else.

During naps Bailey and I played a game which I of course lost :P

So far today is shaping up to be a good day :)
Thank you God for the rain! 


Anonymous said...

I love the rain, the craft day, and the baking. It would have been fun to have joined you. I could have added a latte or two - just for fun.

Hugs - Grandma Twinkles

Courtney said...

We all wish you had been there, mama!! I love you, Me