Friday, May 13, 2011

My Anniversary!!

Eleven years ago today my wonderful man and I were married.
 Just the quick facts:  We have been married 11 years, had 6 children and lived in 14 houses in 5 states.  Stephen has been a husband, a daddy, a builder, a contractor, a carpenter, a student, an Arabic linguist and a soldier but not a candlestick maker.  He has been deployed to Iraq three times.  It has been the most amazing 11 years. 

       Stephen is the most amazing man.  He is truly a man's man.  He would rather be working physically then be sitting all day behind a desk.  He is incredible at thinking outside the box.  He is honest to the point where he can be taken as a little too blunt.  He is smart - street smart and book smart.  He has more common sense than any other smart guy I know ( if that makes any sense).  He loves learning.  I have never met any one else as willing to admit his weaknesses while being confident in his strengths.    I never have to worry about being led, protected or provided for with him for a husband.  Even though he is a tough guy, he is so incredibly gentle with me. With the kids (especially our girls) he is just a big teddy bear. God has blessed me so much! I never want to take for granted that He has blessed me and I deserve none of it.  Praise God that He gives good gifts and is patient and gracious to us.


The beginning of the long story:                                                                       Part 1
Stephen and I met while I was going through a YWAM DTS ( discipleship training school) .  I was 18 years old and he was 20 years old.  His older brother was staffing my DTS and Stephen was visiting him.  Since I am writing this story and this is my blog I get to tell this part which differs a little from his ;)
The first time I saw him I must confess I thought he was his brothers outreach.  I really thought he was a teeny bopper but in my defense he had these huge shorts and surfer hat over his eyes.  It wasn't until the next day that I met him.  I was playing foosball (of which I am the foosball queen ;) and he came up and asked to play with me.   He told me he was going to lose the first hour ( on purpose ).  Has anyone out there seen the movie Maverick? this was a quote from the movie.  This was how he got his nickname for the first 6 months I knew him, Maverick.  Anyway he did lose for the first hour ( not on purpose ) and then he beat me (once).  During that time we got to know each other a little bit.  Over the next few days we spent time talking, just hanging out in groups and then he went home to Durango. 
To be continued . . . . .

Happy Anniversary, honey!  I love you so very much!  , Me

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