Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flap Flaps

Titus was just done getting ready for church this morning and asked me to help him put these on . . . 

Now some people would be very concerned that this could "sissify" him         - but only those who don't know Titus.

He loves his sister's " flap flaps".   I have had to talk to him about exactly what he is allowed to jump off of (four stairs not six, no climbing the railing upstairs, the stools in the kitchen are fine, but no jumping off the top bunk, etc.) to try flying.

We had a blessed  morning seeing everyone at church.  It was good to see friends and catch up a little.  I wish we had more time to fellowship with everyone there.  Our children love it when it is potluck Sunday.  It is a good time for them get to see their friends when the service is over.

Then we have had a relaxing afternoon : ) after getting back into comfy clothes.

Thank you Aunt Diane for introducing us to the best robes ever!
                                                   Love you, Courtney

PS  Due to special request here is how I make my chicken noodle soup when we are sick.
Fill a saucepan with chicken broth ( I use Swanson's Organic chicken broth).  Put in chopped carrots, zucchini, onion, a lot of garlic , pepper, poultry seasoning and a little salt.  Boil for 10 minutes and then add egg noodles and cooked chopped chicken.  Continue boiling until the noodles are tender and it is ready.  I am sure others have better recipes and I would love some tips.  Hope you like it Natalie and that you can keep it down ;).  Love ya

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Momma Bug said...

I haven't had a flyer yet, but maybe it's cause we don't have any flap-flaps ;-D

I also really enjoyed your "unbalanced " homeschooling post.... so true!

Love your robes.