Sunday, May 8, 2011

You should have seen the other guy

So he didn't get into a fight but it sounds like a boy lead in.  He actually fell off his bike and hit face first.  His wonderful papa took five of the kiddos on a walk so I could focus on Isabella.  She has been sick for 4 days and quarantined to my bedroom.  She has been such a good sport even though she had a constant fever for 3 days.

 Today she got a pedicure which was a good distraction . . . and then so did her doll.  She really wanted them to match .  This is her favorite doll and it is named (shockingly) Isabella.

Aren't their toes cute : )

It has felt like she has been sick forever (even though it has only been this week) and when a couple of the other kids woke up with symptoms this morning I felt a little overwhelmed and defeated.  It can be hard when one little one gets sick after another.  In the past we have had weeks pass where it felt like all we did was try to get everyone well.  I find that it does remind me to take one thing at a time and humbles me from thinking I can do it in my own strength to relying on His strength. 
Praise God by this afternoon Isa is doing much better and the other children are too. 

Bailey wants to know why he hasn't been on the blog yet ; ) so here he is with his missing teeth.  Bailey has been thrilled to pass this thresh hold into big boyhood.  When he woke up to a loose tooth, he and his brothers pondered how they could make it come out sooner.  I love the ingenuity of boys.   I found them with Bailey's tooth tied to his remote control motorcycle ready for it to take off.  Sadly for him it did not work.  The string snapped.  Then they tried the old tying it to a door and slamming it trick.  Still it was to no avail.  Some of the abandoned ideas were tying it to a horse (except that we don't have a horse) or tying it to a basketball and throwing it.  The last one Kadin compassionately thought might not be a good idea because what if Bailey just flew through the air as well as the ball.  Picturing that had me in giggles.  He did finally conquer it with a lot of wiggling.  I look forward to the next one : D

And with this picture that made me smile I will say adieu.

                                                                             Loves, Courtney


Grace McHugh said...

I will say you are the best momma ever! I am sure you do not feel like at this moment but let me encourage you dear friend. I love your words and honesty. "Let us not grow weary in doing right for in due season we shall reap.............if we don't lose heart." I love you.

Grandma Twinkles said...

Aren't you amazed at how different and unique each of your fabulous children are?! Each is a precious gem. They are truly little gifts from God! Thank you for sharing ;-)