Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clark Kent / Super Titus

A first in our home occurred this month. This mild mannered ...... Wait that doesn't seem to fit.....
Child is really SuperTitus.

Our first pair of glasses!

Now if you have never sat through a talkative, world changing 4year olds first eye appointment - be very grateful :D
Titus did have the doctor in stitches throughout the appointment - what does that machine do, what is that a picture of, why do you have that funny flashlight ........
Then there was the long process of finding a pair of glasses that would fit his face. I will confess I know nothing about glasses. So when the tech pointed me to a wall of child's glasses and told me to pick one I was lost. I was finally able to get assistance, though it took more than one time of me saying I really know nothing.
We did survive the outing and when we came home I seriously needed some chocolate!

It only took us 5 days before we were onto our second pair. Thank goodness for warranties!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Christmas

We had such a blessed Christmas.  Quiet and relaxing ~
I was seeing if I could put together nicer clothes for the boys for a Christmas Eve service,
I got a decent picture before things got out of hand :)

normal Smith boy shenanigans

While they were having a good old time, I had a little girl who was having a melt down.  I couldn't figure out why she was upset.
until we realized "she didn't have a tie"

much better

see his BIG muscles

the girls were more excited about getting dressed up

Unfortunately, our family came down with the yuckies - and we still have it :P
So while the boys never actually had to dress up, the girls still wore their Christmas dresses for Christmas morning.

Reading about our Saviour's birth


Titus' first present - this one is as much for his mama and papa as for him.
It is a little harder to send him out to work off some energy in the cold.


Our girls are obsessed with tea parties
Their amazing Great -Grandma gave them the most beautiful tea set this Christmas ~
Then from their awesome Grandma and Great Aunts and Uncles
Their own dolls with matching clothes :)
Our Big boy - he is starting to stand up 

We hope you had a very blessed Christmas, remembering our Saviour!

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Circle of Love

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