Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Christmas

We had such a blessed Christmas.  Quiet and relaxing ~
I was seeing if I could put together nicer clothes for the boys for a Christmas Eve service,
I got a decent picture before things got out of hand :)

normal Smith boy shenanigans

While they were having a good old time, I had a little girl who was having a melt down.  I couldn't figure out why she was upset.
until we realized "she didn't have a tie"

much better

see his BIG muscles

the girls were more excited about getting dressed up

Unfortunately, our family came down with the yuckies - and we still have it :P
So while the boys never actually had to dress up, the girls still wore their Christmas dresses for Christmas morning.

Reading about our Saviour's birth


Titus' first present - this one is as much for his mama and papa as for him.
It is a little harder to send him out to work off some energy in the cold.


Our girls are obsessed with tea parties
Their amazing Great -Grandma gave them the most beautiful tea set this Christmas ~
Then from their awesome Grandma and Great Aunts and Uncles
Their own dolls with matching clothes :)
Our Big boy - he is starting to stand up 

We hope you had a very blessed Christmas, remembering our Saviour!

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Momma Bug said...

Oh I just had to laugh!
That was an entertaining post Courtney. Thanks :-D

Love the tie, the reading device and location chosen in which to read...
Love the Captain America suit and the new glasses are AWESOME! How big he looks.

Lets have a girl date, yes?
I'll call you.

Get done with sicknesses so we can party when the boys go play!