Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clark Kent / Super Titus

A first in our home occurred this month. This mild mannered ...... Wait that doesn't seem to fit.....
Child is really SuperTitus.

Our first pair of glasses!

Now if you have never sat through a talkative, world changing 4year olds first eye appointment - be very grateful :D
Titus did have the doctor in stitches throughout the appointment - what does that machine do, what is that a picture of, why do you have that funny flashlight ........
Then there was the long process of finding a pair of glasses that would fit his face. I will confess I know nothing about glasses. So when the tech pointed me to a wall of child's glasses and told me to pick one I was lost. I was finally able to get assistance, though it took more than one time of me saying I really know nothing.
We did survive the outing and when we came home I seriously needed some chocolate!

It only took us 5 days before we were onto our second pair. Thank goodness for warranties!

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Momma Bug said...

He is so darling!

Can you tell if they're helping him?