Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This little girl has figured out how to climb out of her bed. It is a very high crib. The other night I was playing Aquire with Stephen and the 3 oldest while the 3 littles were put to bed for the night. Hadassah did not feel ready for bed and was throwing a fit. A few minutes into our game we heard a very loud thump and then her crying moving down the hallway. I went upstairs, disciplined her, told her "No, do not get out of your bed" and put her back in her bed. I barely made it downstairs before I heard another thump and the crying moving down the hallway. Pretty quickly we realized that I would need to sit outside her door instead of going up and down them to train her. SO I positioned myself outside her door and sat down for the long haul. After a couple minutes her crying was cut off and changed to "WHOA . .WHOOAAA . . WHOA" I walked into her room and she was precariously perched on the side of her crib. One leg slung over the side. I disciplined her and told her no. Then went back outside to wait by her door. A few minutes into her screaming and again . . WHOA . . . WHOOOAAA . . WHOA". I went into her room and there she was again. About the 5th time I sat there thinking this would be so funny if I wasn't so tired. She let me know the perfect time to catch her in the act everytime. To my astonishment and relief it only took about 7 or 8 times for her to give up and go to sleep. I think that is a Smith child record for the shortest time to give in :D

BTW - Stephen and I did finish the game and it was the first time the boys beat us :P
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