Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This little girl has figured out how to climb out of her bed. It is a very high crib. The other night I was playing Aquire with Stephen and the 3 oldest while the 3 littles were put to bed for the night. Hadassah did not feel ready for bed and was throwing a fit. A few minutes into our game we heard a very loud thump and then her crying moving down the hallway. I went upstairs, disciplined her, told her "No, do not get out of your bed" and put her back in her bed. I barely made it downstairs before I heard another thump and the crying moving down the hallway. Pretty quickly we realized that I would need to sit outside her door instead of going up and down them to train her. SO I positioned myself outside her door and sat down for the long haul. After a couple minutes her crying was cut off and changed to "WHOA . .WHOOAAA . . WHOA" I walked into her room and she was precariously perched on the side of her crib. One leg slung over the side. I disciplined her and told her no. Then went back outside to wait by her door. A few minutes into her screaming and again . . WHOA . . . WHOOOAAA . . WHOA". I went into her room and there she was again. About the 5th time I sat there thinking this would be so funny if I wasn't so tired. She let me know the perfect time to catch her in the act everytime. To my astonishment and relief it only took about 7 or 8 times for her to give up and go to sleep. I think that is a Smith child record for the shortest time to give in :D

BTW - Stephen and I did finish the game and it was the first time the boys beat us :P
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Momma Bug said...

Someone must have given Hadassah a word-up on what would ensue if she tried you. Big siblings are good for things like that!
Always worth a try though, even if you are assured of the consequence :-D

Love you!

Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Love this post, I was laughing out loud because this is SO much like our little Annabelle! She is infamous for giving us all random scares too when she sneaks out.. One night I was laying in bed very tired when I felt this strange feeling that I was being watched.... I glanced all around the dark room, nothing.. then I looked at the door that I had cracked just the slightest bit when I see one big eyeball looking in! I had a tiny heart attack and then got up to discipline her and put her back to bed :)~ The funny part about that story is, I had just watched Pirates of the Caribbean with the scene of the girl hiding in the closet when the bad guys finds her and it shows him looking in the crack at her! Hahaha!

<3 Cute story Court! Have a great rest of the week :)