Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Fantastic Nights!

It has been a couple of busy day.  Stephen and I went on a date!  Time alone with my husband, getting all his attention, is a dream.  I still get flustered trying to get ready for going out with just him.  I tried on three outfits trying to find something that was not just every day wear.  We are at a point in our lives where dates are infrequent but that just makes them more precious.  We appreciate them more and get more creative about what we call a date.  If we walk to the mailbox, alone, Stephen will take my hand and say " it's like we are on a date ;)"

 What a stinker!

 I took this picture and looked at the back of my camera and Stephen was already snickering :P

Yesterday we went out to run an errand and we spontaneously went to the Focus on the Family center.  I wish I had brought my camera.  The kids had a ball.  It was a good reminder to do the unexpected sometimes.  

 Last Night  I was able to spend the evening, into the morning, with some dear ladies.  It was a friends birthday and we spent an evening of fun and silliness.  By the end of the night, my cheeks were cramping and my throat was sore from laughing so much.   The stories that were told! but that is not for posting here ;) I am very blessed to have such friends! 

Yummy Foods!
Creme Brulee and Chocolate Fondue
Thank you Breanne for making us the brulee and even letting some of us have a chance with the torch ;), of course under careful supervision.
Grace, your chocolate fondue was superb!

 Happy Birthday Deborah!

 Birthday girl pedicures!
 I did not do the whole pedicure under the table, I promise.  I was just adding flowers to her pretty toes.

                             Breanne is a lady of many talents :)

Thank you for a wonderful evening dear friends and thank you my honey for watching the kiddos and for being patient with us not getting to bed till 2 ;)

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Grace McHugh said...

I am still giggling at Eli's face in that picture.