Monday, May 16, 2011

Speech Therapy

Mondays are our speech therapy days.  Bailey, our 6 year old, has been in speech therapy for a couple years now. 

  He is incredibly smart, ahead in most of his subjects.  He understands everything.  He has just been unable to communicate verbally.  This has created some hard times for him.  It is difficult for him to play with other children besides his siblings.  He has been made fun of and ignored.  Sometimes it is unintentional, children just feel uncomfortable around him and don't know how to act so they pretend he is not talking to them.  Stephen and I think God will use this to teach and bless Bailey immeasurably.  He has learned compassion through this.  He has learned to listen.  We believe this will help him be stronger and to remain humble. 
It has also become a sweet time each week that Bailey and I get time out, just the two of us.

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