Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Babies, dolls and games

           We still have sick little ones.  Hadassah has had one of those days where only mama will do and even with mama she was not always happy.  We are praying that she sleeps tonight.  On a happy note she started calling me mama today!
Even with the kids being sick we still found time to play Risk today.  Our boys love strategy games!  I am not in this picture because Bailey completely trounced me.  He is our expert strategist.  His favorite game is Stratego and his big brothers don't like playing it with him because he often beats them.
After I had been put out of the game by my six year old I went upstairs to get the girls ready for bed and found this . . . .

Titus had fallen alseep under the boys bunk beds.  I walked by the room and thought he was a doll at first.
                                   He looked so cute. 

    Loves, Courtney

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Grace McHugh said...

You are right, he does look like a big doll. Oh the pictures I have of my children asleep in the weirdest places. It will be wonderful to hear Hadassah calling you momma. ;)