Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make it pink, Make it blue

Well my baby girl has a blue earring and a pink earring.  She woke up from a nap with a missing earring and I couldn't find it fast enough.  Her ear was already closing up since it has only been a few weeks since she had it pierced.  So I grabbed what I could and put it in.  Oh well, she looks a little comical but it will only be for a month or so :)

                  Either way she is adorable!

She is such a little blessing!


Courtney said...

Mama, the title is for you. Love you, Me

Anonymous said...

With a title like this you need to have 3 plump, little fairy godmothers floating around your page ;-)


PS - she is precious!

Momma Bug said...

And those blue eyes get me every time!