Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Giggles

Caleb and I were playing American Trivia and Caleb got the question :

 What abolitionist was executed for his attack against an armory at Harpers Ferry?
          to which he promptly replied " John Brown"

A few questions later:

    Who lived in a garbage can on Sesame Street?
           ??????? no idea

Then his daddy came home and I told him about it.  Stephen just smiled and asked  " Caleb, what weapon did he carry? "   Caleb, "A Sharps rifle"

Homeschooling can be so unbalanced  :D


Still Voice Photography said...


Courtney said...

I know! In all honesty I knew the sesame street answer but I had to look up the answer on the other one :O

Grace McHugh said...

I so love this! Homeschooling at its best. I will be giggling about this for days.

AndieDavidson said...

Hello Courtney! I just got all caught up on your blog and I love it! It is so very fun to see a little piece of your life :) I have a request... I think you should do a series on tips to keeping your house clean & cutter free - with lots of photos of course! You are so good at that! Topics like how you decide to organize toys, how many clothes to keep, how to store things etc... I would love to glean from you and I am sure others would too - what do you think?

Love - Andie