Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Long Story Part 2

So I know you thought I forgot about our story . . .but I didn't.

After seeing Stephen for those couple days he went home to Durango and we both went about our lives.  He was doing an internship with his church and I was busy in my training.  Neither of us thought anything of our meeting because neither of us was allowed to be in a relationship where we were.  The next week he visited again and I was cooking in the kitchen ( I always asked for kitchen duty because then I would get the afternoon free and I didn't mind waking up at 5am ; ).  I smiled and hugged him and we talked on and off for the couple days he was there again.  I liked him as a friend and was attracted to him because of his confidence.   He was friendly and not at all flirtatious.  In fact when I flirted with him (being honest) I ended up feeling silly.  -- Ok I have been debating with Stephen whether to put this in or not and Stephen thinks I should and I don't :P  but only because of my pride.  The biggest thing that attracted me to Stephen at first was his disinterest.  I was used to guys attention at that time and he really wasn't awed by me.  I found it intriguing.  Wow that was like pulling teeth - so I had some character flaws obviously -- We still were strictly friends.  He came up often for a while sometimes bringing friends of his and sometimes bringing another brother of his.  Every time he came we talked.  It was almost time for me to leave for China . . .

To be continued . . . . . .
           Here are some pictures of where Stephen and I met :D

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Momma Bug said...

I'm so glad you've gotten over those flaws.
I'd be shocked to hear you're still trying to flirt with him!!


Momma Bug said...

My laughing face just doesn't look the same in that font!

Courtney said...

Well I never did get over that but he did start flirting back a few years ago ; )

PS My wink doesn't look the same either!
Love ya

Grandma Twinkles said...

Oh, my gosh...how could anyone not fall in love on that mountain - it is so incredible! Ahhhh, young love!