Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No I am MAMA

The last couple days the kids have liked pretending that they are each other . . .
So I hear
" No, I will be Bailey and you can be mama." 
" Ok, I will be Daddy"
Bailey likes being mama the best.  He stands with his finger pointed,  "Bailey, ( I am Bailey at this point) Please go clean the dining room."  " It is time for you to vacuum." 

Hmmm . . you want to see what your kids hear let them pretend to be you.  Very Enlightening!  It has given me a lot of food for thought.
Isabella was a more flattering me.  Mind you I think it might have been with ulterior motives.  We were grocery shopping, walking along, and she said,  " I will be mama."   Then she stopped the cart and said, "Wait, darling.  Darling, I see something I need."  Then she walks over to a package of cookies and pretty as you please she placed them in the cart and started pushing it along.  At this point I am trying to hold back the giggles.  We make it to the next aisle and she stops again - "Hold on, darling, just a minute."  Then walks over to the popcorn, head held high and picks some up.  At this point I am envisioning my cart at the end our outing.  She did not get to be mama for much longer but I must confess I just couldn't put the cookies back.  :D

Titus this morning told me " I am mama and you are Titus". 
I said, " Hi, Titus."  and he chuckled  After a few minutes he looked concerned.  Maybe mama really had forgotten who she was . . "No mama I am Titus."  I smiled ( a little impishly) and told him, "but I am Titus."
" No mama, you are mama."
" No, you are mama," I said.

" MAMA, I was Titus FIRST!"

Then we had a good chuckle together.

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