Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts on Camping . .

I still cannot believe how well it went!  The only oops we had was that I was so focused on getting everyone out the door I forgot my shoes . . I was wearing flip flops which is just not practical camping gear.  Even funnier, Stephen found my slippers by chance in the car and I actually wore those to go hiking because they were at least better than flip flops :D
My three biggest boys were off traipsing in the woods most of the time.  They were in their element; climbing trees, shooting BB guns, throwing knives . . etc.  It did make us long for the day when we have property.  One day . . .

In the morning Isabella came to us with these branches on the back of her head.  She said," Look PaPa I have antlers."  He talked her out of going on our hike that way.

When I said that we slept rather well, it was true,  but I did end up with two girls inside my mummy style sleeping bag and little Titus on top of me as well.  He said he was scared of the bears and bad guys getting us.  All the kids were feeling a little scared when it got dark and we were settling down for the night.  It was a good opportunity for all of us to remember that God is where our security comes from.  They all did a lot better after Bible time and praying. 

 This sight is such a blessing to Stephen and I!  We never thought he would be able to carry Hadassah this way after his surgery.  He has been feeling soo much better.  He told me today that his shoulder feels much stronger than it did after his previous surgery.   :)  Praise God! 
He also didn't think he would be able to comfortably sleep on the ground with his shoulder and he did great.  He would have slept even better if he wasn't waking up for little ones potty breaks. ;)
He still has limited mobility but he would much rather have stability and strength than mobility. 

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Grace McHugh said...

So where did you camp? Sounds so fun!