Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting to Play

So many things going through my head - I feel filled to the brim with things I want to get down on this blog.

          This morning I only had three kids to take care of and wake up to.  Taking just one of my kiddos out of the mix changes the whole dynamic of our home.  The other day Kadin went out with some family for just an hour or so and the house felt empty to me!  I am sure the outside observer would think I was nuts :)
           Even more of a change is when all my oldest ones are gone like today.  Stephen took them shooting.  They left at 6am.  I woke up feeling the quandary of how to spend my time.  I have had company for five days and we just had the weekend.  So do I clean up and get on top of laundry or take advantage of the fact I can focus on the babies and play.  I knew from start which is the wiser but it still took a conscious choice.  So . . this morning I got to have play time with my babies - all three of them.

We had breakfast and then the sky was the limit ;)

Isabella wanted to play Twister but that can only last so long when she is playing against Titus.
We read books, played with balls, chased each other around the house, colored and did fold just a little laundry.

It was a great morning!

The big kids had fun too!

Last night Stephen went over gun safety (again).  We make sure we go over it every time we go shooting and also when we don't go out shooting :)
This morning . . . . .

Go Grandma!

Well I should go . . . I have more to post later.


Momma Bug said...

Wow! What a hat. it' looks like he's working on his Idaho redneck-ness ;-)

Courtney said...

LOL - Isn't it great!