Tuesday, June 14, 2011


All of my very dirty family, aren't they beautiful!
Last night we went camping! It was the first time we have gone camping with eight. We had so much fun.  We are all wiped out now ;) but it was worth it. 

Scouting out our site

Clearing a place for our new tent

Setting it up with helpers

Poor Hadassah was relegated to the pack and play to keep her close while we were preoccupied setting up.
                            As was anyone else who needed it ;)

Our new tent that sleeps 10.  We were very pleased with it and even had extra room.  It is a Coleman Weathermaster 10. 

Trying out the tent

We were also able to use our stove for the first time.  We bought this stove for emergency preparedness.  It can use three different kinds of fuel.  Stephen was thrilled with it.  Anyone out there who is into preparedness  - here is the link Volcano 2

Hadassah was in love with the nature.  She kept bringing me leaves and sticks with a look of awe.  Then when we went on a hike, she rode in a pack on Stephen's back.  She would suddenly bubble over into giggles for no reason but sheer happiness.  Stephen said it would have made the whole trip worth it just to have her giggling in his ear the whole hike :)

Titus' version of roasting a marshmallow.  That is quite the stick.

This is what being a little boy is all about!

Stephen really thought we needed a picture of this.

Hadassah taking a drink

                                               Getting ready to go to sleep . . . .

Good morning, mama.
We actually slept rather well.  I made it without having to go potty all night :) which made me very happy.  My children were fine with braving the dark though.  What can I say, I was a sissy.

My handsome man
Camping was a great success.  We can't wait to do it again.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is.........WOW!

Momma Bug said...

That is quite a tent!
And hey - just noticed that great sweatshirt Stephen is wearing :-)
It's greener here, and kind of looks like you are practicing for Idaho, so come any time.

Love ya!

P.S. I wanted a picture of you hiking in slippers with that thing you're carrying on your waist. :-D

Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Courtney! I l-o-v-e your new blog. I check my blogger every day and have a small amount of ladies that I follow. I get really excited to check at the end of the day and find my friends have posted, especially you now :o) Blogger is a wonderful way to keep in touch and be encouraged. I wish I had more time to post more but lately I have been so busy that sitting down longer than checking email, blogger and the bank account, is just asking too much from the girls & Michael :) hehehe!

Smiles :)


Courtney said...

Analene, I unfortunately have no pictures of the slippers. I really should have taken some! We cannot wait to come to Idaho again. His Idaho sweater is his favorite, you know, Good Memories :-)

Rebecca, How fun to get a note from you on here, so fun to have you reading the blog! I enjoy your blog whenever you do post, I can wait for when you have time ; )
Love you friends, Me

Grace McHugh said...

So am I supposed to be looking at your behind or the gun on your behind? tee hee Love your camping spot! Where was it?

Courtney said...

The gun . . At least that is what I think Stephen was taking a picture of ;-)
We were camping up in Pikes Peak National Forest. It was beautiful! Love you