Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enjoying the Moments

Isabella - "Here Kadin, I will read the ingredients
- 1 Coca Cola
- 1 Ice cream"

Kadin - " That is not what it says"

Isabella - " Yep right here it says 1 coca cola"

I kind of like her ingredients ;) - don't tell

A few minutes later . . .. . Isabella - "Hey, I can hear the ocean!!"
Then all the boys except Caleb ran and listened to see if they could hear the ocean :D It was important to Caleb that I made it clear he didn't listen to the box.

Then I was playing with Titus and he made a "big robot".   Just out of curiosity I asked him what his robot ate. " Carrots, feed him carrots"

This morning we had a tea party.

These are very special tea cups (above). Daddy and Isabella went on a daddy/daughter date to get her a tea set a while ago. I called after they had been gone for over an hour and a half, worried that something had gone wrong. It hadn't , they were just enjoying shopping together and had to look at every set. I love how the set they came home with was a mix of Papa ad Isabella. It is just a little on the masculine side and unique. And very important to Stephen ( you know the practical side of things), it is dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Isabella's Isabella doll goes almost everywhere with her.

This is the set I picked with her :) ( It is not dishwasher safe.)

My beautiful blue eyed girl!
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Momma Bug said...

I see your mom in Isa in the ocean box picture.
And I see your sis in that last picture of Hadassah.
You didn't tell me about the tea party when we talked today. I'll want to hear how you do it. We girls had one last night which is a special occasion.