Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kadin's Super Surprise Fruit Salad

This morning I heard a little someone busy in the kitchen. When I leaned over the railing to see what he was up to, Kadin looked up at me with a beaming smile and said, "I am making a fruit salad!"
I was a little surprised because I could see he had a lot of color in the bowl and we were running low on fruit.

Kadin's recipe (shared with his permission) :
3 bananas sliced
a handful of grapes
1 chopped red pepper
2 handfuls of chocolate chips (because when it come to chocolate more is always better)

He had made enough for everyone :)

After his first couple bites, he looked thoughtful. Then he looked at me and said, " maybe I should leave the red pepper out next time." :D

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