Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Kadin

Today I stand amazed at God's goodness in blessing us with our second born son.  He turns nine today ( how did that happen! ).  Kadin is so special.  He cares about others so naturally.  He is the first to jump up and give up what he has, the first to share, the first to sympathize.  He is often scatterbrained.  He will still put his shoes on the wrong feet sometimes and is infamous for getting his clothes on backwards.  It is not because he doesn't know how but because he just can't be bothered.  What does concern him is others.  He has a compassionate heart and when we have Bible time that is the part that always sticks out to him.  Loving others.

His name means "Friend" and he is to everyone he meets.

We are so blessed to have him for a son.

Another significant moment in our life occurred the day he was born.  With my firstborn I almost died in pregnancy.  I had H.E.L.L.P.S.   Basically my blood pressure shot up, my organs started failing and my blood stopped clotting.  The OBs said I was within hours of dying when they delivered him by c-section.  Caleb was born at 34 weeks.  This would be a very long post if I went into that whole story here and all that God graciously did in our lives.
Seven months later I was pregnant with Kadin and I had a rough time of it.  I had early labor signs, he tested positive for Downs Syndrome ( which he didn't have) and then I began to show signs of H.E.L.L.P.S. again.  After seeing specialists every couple weeks they brought me in for a c-section at 38 weeks.  When the OB came in he was very concerned and recommended that I had my tubes tied because of my health.  He really was a good OB and I am not generally a fan of OBs.  He was concerned that if I had any more children I would not survive it.  Well Stephen and I by God's grace asked the doctor to step out so we could pray.  He left and we had started to mentally resign ourselves to having two children.  Well we could do things differently with two.  I could be done being pregnant ( which I wasn't too upset about at that point).  We would be a two boy family.  We bowed our heads to pray.  And we got NO.  It was so clear.  We truly felt like we were not supposed to have my tubes tied.  It was clear enough to make us sure.  The doctor came in and we told him our decision.  He was surprised but supported us.  I had the roughest c-section.  It was very traumatic and then I had my beautiful baby boy.

The story doesn't stop there though.  Months later we were sitting in church ( not even our home church)  and the speaker was teaching about how God is the God of our bodies and still heals today.  They asked if anyone wanted to come up for healing and be prayed for.  I thought, " that is so awesome, I completely believe God heals! I am totally healthy though."  Then I felt a prompting that I  was healthy except that my body was broken.  I could not have babies safely.  I went up front and I was prayed for and I felt like it was done.  I don't know how to explain it besides that.  We have now had four more beautiful babies with perfect healthy pregnancies.  My last three have been born at home ( Perfect VBACs ). 

On this day when God saved us from making such a choice we want to praise HIM for his mercy to us - 9 years later.

We would not have Bailey, Isabella, Titus or Hadassah.
We often will tell this story to our children and read  Joshua 9.  It talks of how the Israelites were tricked into a treaty with those that God told them not to have a treaty with  - but the part that has always stood out to me " but they did not seek the Lord's counsel" vs14 .  How easily it could have been so different!  We believe it is by God's grace and faithfulness that we sought his counsel in the first place and that he made it obvious to us as well. 

Thank  you God!

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