Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reliving the past

Wow.  So do any of you ever go through your old journals.  I just read from getting engaged to Stephen through having two kids and him leaving for the first time in the army.  My emotions are on overload.  There was one consistency through all of it though.  God was and is faithful.  Thank you God for never leaving me or abandoning me.  Thank you for your patience and great mercy.

The kids got a box in the mail today :)  Ok I got something in the mail that came in a box but the kids thought it was the greatest toy.

This was Isabella telling Bailey to run and get some tape to tape it closed.  He was all to happy to comply until mom ruined his fun.
The Peanut has a favorite book that has baby faces in it.  This is the face she makes whenever you say pouting.


Mylena said...

Cute Post!!! In case your wondering who I am following you, I'm Rebecca's sister! I just wanted to tell you that so you didn't have some person you don't even know following your blog! ;)


Courtney said...

Hi Mylena, It is so fun having you follow here :-)
I actually remember meeting you a couple years ago in North Carolina. I remember thinking what a lovely young lady you were!

Mylena said...

Thanks Courtney, I remember that!