Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Long Story Part 6

The first thing to go is always the plan . . . . . .

             The day Stephen was coming to visit I had to work.  I worked at a little resort up in the mountains, booking guests, running the little store and the little restaurant, cooking, and cleaning.  My mind was preoccupied that day with how things would go with Stephen.  I went about my work thinking through all the possibilities.  It was getting close to closing time when I saw Stephen and a friend of ours pull up in front of the office.  He was early!  I remember going out to hug him and saying hi.  Then we suddenly had a huge influx of guests.  They all wanted food and before I knew it Stephen and Matt were cooking in the kitchen while I was bustling about taking orders and filling drinks. ( Stephen - Yeah, she put me right to work.)  We were very busy for the next hour and though we were getting to see each other it was usually me telling him to put another burger on the grill :D  Remember, I hadn't seen him in months.  
               Eventually things died down and I was able to close for the day.   We got in our separate vehicles to head down the mountain road to the base.  I was the first one headed that way and because I was still a little flustered and I wanted to get back before them I was driving faster than I should have been.  The roads up there are on the narrow side and winding.  Well I came around a corner and there was a big truck coming at me and it was either hit it head on or swerve.  I swerved and the car went off a small cliff.  I remember, while being airborne, thinking, "I need to stop locking my arms, when you tense your body in an accident you get more injuries."

Then all went black.


We are taking the whole family camping and I look forward to blogging that soon.

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PS - it was not a "small" cliff.