Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A New Day

Today was a much more peaceful school day!   Titus and the girls all played quietly while I worked on math with the boys.  Titus has been our most independent little one.  Everyday he will play by himself for hours.  He likes to play with siblings a lot too.  He is just content to be by himself.  Here he is making a "slide" for his block people.  

Isabella today was reading to me from the Mcguffy Readers and she was doing great sounding words out . . then she got distracted by the pictures and confidently "read" Walrus . .( my eyebrows shot up and I tried not to giggle ). . no, no Penguin, she said . . now I am chuckling as I say, " honey look at the word not the picture"  . . ."OH hen".
:D  It is an old fashioned black and white illustration in her defense.

It was brought to my attention by Bailey that I have deprived my children of cotton candy.  My kids don't normally eat sugar but I thought I would splurge and let them try it. 

Ironically Bailey couldn't stand it and wouldn't eat any after the first bite.  He said it tastes like paper.

Our cute little peanut after she had rubbed dinner in her hair.

I am working on the next part of Our Story and should post it tomorrow . . . hopefully.  This is when it gets good :)

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