Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rain, Rain don't go away

Ahhhhh, today has been my kind of summer day.  I am making dinner now with all the windows open.   Flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder fill my home.  A quirky thing about me - I LOVE rain storms.  If I am having a rough day, all I have to see is dark clouds rolling in and it will put a smile on my face. Right now the storm is past.  It is moving on but it has brightened my day.  And this time it brightened my children's day as well  . . . . . . .
Jumping in the Rain

Making rivers and dams

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Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Yippy! Looks like a great time and I also love the rain. I like feeling safe and protected inside and love the way the earth can drink it all in and be nourished <3