Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creative Solutions

Today the kids were so anxious to get to their nature quiet times. Last time the "nature somethings" did not last the day before they were wilted and a crumbled mess.  Today I had them sit quietly and write what they observed and then bring in their nature something for the day.  I was on the phone with a dear friend and distracted and then noticed Bailey standing there holding a large weed with the bottom wrapped in paper.  Little bits of soil were dripping through his fingers and smudged on his arms and hands.  He was so smart.  He figured he would just transplant it to our dining room.  He had all the roots intact and all the dirt around it as well.  Pretty soon I had all my plastic bowls filled with  . . plants. . . on my kitchen table and more than a little dirt on my counters and floors and children of course.

A little while later Caleb checked with me that worms were good for plants.  Knowing what he was thinking, I said, "Yes they are, honey, but you really don't need to bring worms into our indoor plants . . "

"Oh, but mom we already filled them with worms."


We finished the book of Joshua yesterday in our Bible time and today we started Daniel.  This is our Daniel-diet Lunch :)

Jumping in the rain

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Momma Bug said...

You are amazing as usual :-)
Please tell Isa to stop growing. Thank you.

Rebecca C. Fowler said...

This post is fabulous! I LOVEEEE the indoor plants with worms, ahhahahahahaha!!!