Friday, August 26, 2011

Ahhhh - I love a clean house

I am sitting here with my oldest three feeling very satisfied.  I love the end of Fridays.  Friday is our house cleaning day.  I love having everything in its place, all the laundry done, things scrubbed and shiny.  We took today off from school because I am feeling the crush of having a lot to do this next week.  We head to Idaho on the 2nd - WOOHOO.  Where I will get to see my mommy and daddy, and our wonderful friends the Bryants, and then our dearest Loves ;)    (Momma bug's blog )

Tonight, as I sit here, I also have a very emotional oldest son.  Caleb has been crying on and off for the last hour.  Why, you ask?  because tomorrow is Titus' birthday.  He is upset because his little baby brother is growing up.  He even wanted to go hug him in his sleep - to "get his last two year old hug from Titus".  Caleb asked me, " What if he is my last little brother?"  I am glad he loves his brother.  Caleb is always cheering the most when we find out we are expecting.  When I was pregnant with Isabella and Caleb was 5 years old, Caleb sat in our car counting seats.  He wanted to know if we would have enough seats for when the baby came.  I told him our suburban could fit 6 kids and he looked at me expectantly.  " OH mom, we are going to need a lot more seats than that!"  LOL

Today when Caleb was cleaning the bathroom, he took the rug out to scrub the floor.  When he came out to put it back where it belongs Isabella was napping on it :)
Caleb thought it was pretty cute and ran and got the camera.

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Kimberly said...

We can't wait! It will be sooo fun to catch up! See you soon! Kimberly