Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Weekend

We have been so busy fellow shipping the last few days it has made for some tired little ones. (see above ;)   Tonight we had some dear friends over.  Friends that have eight children that are not all children anymore.  What a blessing it is that we can learn from others!  We so enjoyed watching them interact with their adult children and seeing how to do that well.

When they were heading out tonight a few of them went over to Titus, who was staring out the window, and said goodnight.  He kept staring out the window and said, "shhh I am looking at the moon . . . I can only find one."

Howdy Pardner

Stephen took the time to play Monopoly with the boys this weekend.  I have a couple boys that just love Monopoly. 

Hadassah continues to be infatuated with Titus.  A couple days ago she was snuggling up to him trying to get his attention and he hugged her back.  She wrapped her arm around him, looked up at him and said, "luv you".  I have never heard her say that before, didn't even know she knew how.  He giggled and gave her a squeeze :)   *sigh*

My most recent burp cloth order 

We have been getting ready for the school year.  We are having a lot of fun with it.  I took Kadin on a date to Starbucks ( which was a gift from grandma).  While we were chatting I asked him what he would like to learn about in school this year.  He said, " the sea and land animals".  Well I could do that.  He just gave me so many ideas for this year.  We went out that afternoon and bought three ring binders for each of the kids with supplies to make their own study books.  They are going to each pick what they are interested in and fill up their books with pictures, reports, drawings etc.  Then we will still do basic math, creative writing, grammar  . . . .   I have some unique things for each of the kids this year. 
When I took each of the kids aside to ask what they wanted to learn about for their binders:
Bailey said, " houses, how to make them, what kinds are harder . . .doggies and the ocean."
Caleb said, "Firearms and gunpowder."  ( he is so his papa's son)
Isabella said, " Princesses and magic wands." . . . . what?  " Now, honey you know magic wands aren't real and we won't be studying them."  "Ok but princesses then"
On the subject of firearms, IT IS DONE,  our website is up :D Click here to see   Papa's Gunsmithing
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