Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Some Birthday Pictures

On Titus' special day he woke up to a pile of cards and letters from his brothers and sisters. His reactions were adorable. He Oohed and Aahed over each one.

Caleb made "drums" so they couldd have a birthday parade.

While Titus was taking his afternoon nap we wrapped present and blew up balloons ( I didn't have to blow up a single one!! having bigger boys is great!). They might have had even more fun than he did with them ;)

Isabella's picture for Titus. " This is me Titus and this is you, I gave you a tall hat."

Hadassah thought the present opening was fascinating.

Ooooh a football! (see last post ;)

I actually bought him play-doh. I really do not like play-doh. He didn't know what it was ( and neither did some of my other ones). When he first opened it he stared at it and then rubbed it on his lips :P He loves playing with it now - as do all the other kids.

I waited till he woke up to make his cake because I knew the making of it would be as good to him as eating it.

Now, of course, everyone is talking about who gets a birthday next. Bailey's is only 9 days away. He gets to have it in Idaho!
Though mine is before his ;)
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Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Yay! Happy Birthday sweet Titus! I remember when he was a brand new little guy because I first met you guys then!

I love watching kids grow!

Courtney said...

Rebecca~ I know what you mean! Look at your sweet babies. I am so glad you have your Deedles back with you :)
It puts a smile on my face. Love ya