Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Questions ????

Sometimes when I sit down with the boys and the younger kids are in bed, I am amazed at the questions that abound.  Some examples, just from tonight -
Mama, What is a cannibal?
Why would someone eat someone?
How is electricity made?
Was it Darth Franklin that found electricity?  ( not kidding)
Where does power come from?
So did you know the Pope was more powerful than the king at one time?
Why does it say at the end of Romans that Tertius penned the book of Romans when Paul wrote it?
Etc . . etc  . . 
You get the idea.  These were all real questions tonight in the space of about a half hour. 
I would love to be able to answer all their questions but unfortunately I cannot.  But I can teach them how to find the answers :)

The Peanut loves this scarf
Getting some brother love

 Hard at work.  This little girl has attacked school with a vengeance.  She has always wanted to be included when it is school time and now that she has her own "school books" she is ecstatic.
The new sign on the truck :)


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Zee said...

Darth Franklin is the guy in Star Wars - I don't think he was the one who discovered electricity.

By the way, Hadassah is way too cute with her little red babushka. She looks like she is from the 'old' country. I absolutely love it!