Monday, August 22, 2011

Baking - to bake or not to bake

It has been so hard to find a time to make bread without overheating the house. I either need to do it in the evening (but then I have to wait up till it cools) or I need to do it in the early morning (but that is when I am in the middle of feeding the kids and getting ready for the day). *sigh* I am looking forward to a little cooler weather just for practicality sake.  Now, I can bake bread in my sleep and besides the temperature baking bread is not a problem . . . . but . . .

We had a cool day the other day and I let the kids bake cookies :) I must admit we do not bake sweets very often. I have a confession to make, I am intimidated by healthy baking. I have dear friends who make cookies without flour, who of course use Stevia and would never put 2 sticks of butter and a cup of sugar in their cookies. Somehow their cookies taste good. I would love to bake healthier but I see the steep learning curve and give up before I start :( So . . we don't have cookies or the like very often because I would rather not give them sugar. I have a dear friend who has the best super dooper healthy cookies but she is one of those amazing people that never cooks or bakes with a recipe :P She just throws stuff together and they come out cookies. Since I am not there, that doesn't help me much. Which brings me to the point of asking for help! Help! Does anyone have a yummy cookie recipe that is healthier? I would be forever grateful if you could get me over my fears ;)

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Grace McHugh said...

Can't help. I would rather use the real butter and sugar and bake less often. Healthy cookies taste, well, like healthy cookies. Bake those sugar filled cookies and dunk'em in milk. :)

Courtney said...

Grace ~ I love you! :-)
I will eat some today just for you ; )