Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today we are celebrating our Titus.  Three years ago today we welcomed him into the world. He was  the first grandchild my mama caught :)  She was finishing up midwifery school and flew in just to deliver him.   I had gone into labor the night before while out shopping with my mama and sister.  I was so excited for things to get moving because I was feeling the crunch before my mom had to head home.  He was born at 38 weeks which is normal for me.  My contractions slowed down and I was able to get a good nights sleep.  The next day our whole family and my mom and sister (who was pregnant with her first) walked and walked and walked.  We walked around the neighborhood and then we walked across town.  Finally my labor truly kicked in that afternoon.  My dear sweet Analene  came and picked up our children and took them to stay at her house.  They were ecstatic and I was crying :(   They were just so excited to see their friends but that is the part of labor I have always hated.  My kiddos being away.  We watched a movie and relaxed around the house.  At about 5pm things had picked up enough for me to labor in my room on my birth ball ( love the birth ball!).  My mom sat across from me and when a contraction would begin I would relax and melt into the ball, rocking a little bit.  If I started tensing up my mom would say relax your shoulders, let go of that wrinkle in your forehead etc. . . I moved to the bed at about 8pm.  Then as I went through transition I would have a contraction and my mom would help me breathe through them , then as soon as it was over she would say, "now sleep". And apparently I would pass out and start snoring ( this is heresay ;)  I started pushing at 10pm and this is where I don't like the story :P  I have pushing issues.  I pushed for 2 1/2 hours and almost gave up, then he finally was born - A beautiful, sweet baby boy.   He was 7 pounds 8 ounces.  He was also my second home birth.  My first three children were born via c-section.  If anyone ever would like to talk about vbacs I would love to chat.

Titus with Grandpa
Titus is our most independent child.  He loves his siblings but he also is very happy to play by himself for hours at a time.  When he was a baby I thought he was our first compliant child.  He wasn't :D
He was just very laid back.  The first time we had a clash of wills he fought me for an hour, head thrown back and screaming.  He is such a sweetie and very strong-willed.  He has a big personality and can have the whole family in giggles.  He is incredibly agile.  Titus can even break dance!  We were  walking through downtown Boise one day and there were street dancers doing tricks on the sidewalk.  Titus jumped right out of the stroller and threw himself on the ground and actually pulled  off some of the tricks.  Ever since, whenever he hear music like that he starts dancing the same way.
He is already doing flips on the trampoline.  Stephen always says he will be our retirement when he is playing pro-ball ;)  He even bought him a football today and said it was like investing in an IRA. 
He has a great vocabulary and speaks very distinctly, working to pronounce every syllable. 

We are so very blessed to have him as a member of our family!

These are Isabella's bloomers

Berry picking at the Love's

New Big Brother

My little comedian

Titus caught in the act !

Titus, we love you!
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