Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newest homeschool venture

Our newest tradition added to our school routine is our nature quiet time.  We were reading in our science time about observing nature with the five senses.  So I sent the four oldest outside with a notebook and asked them to write what they heard and observed.  They were not allowed to talk to each other  but had to sit quietly and just listen and watch.  They were also supposed to draw a picture of something in nature and then bring in a "nature something" for our daily science museum.

Our Backyard
At first I let Titus go out too but then it only took me a minute to realize that he was the only thing they would be able to hear if he was out there so in he went.

The kids loved it so much they asked if we could do it everyday.  They were so sad we didn't do it Saturday in all our busy fun.
 Now for some examples:
 Isabella's something of nature ;)  This is also good for weeding.
 Caleb found this really cool feather.  I am not sure what kind of bird it came from but it is black and bright orange.
One of the kid's observations :)
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