Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend busyness

yes, I know I am the only one blinking
This weekend we had family visiting in anticipation of the engagement,

The kids love it when they visit.  These are Isabella's "flip flops" for her lips.  For some reason lip gloss kept translating into flip flops.

This picture is to show how human my children are . . . . . notice Titus' face.  He was feeling more than a little peeved with his sister.  I didn't take this picture on purpose Isabella just happened to set him off right when I was taking it.

My little fixer Caleb!!  This was a broken DVD player from our garage.  Caleb decided he could fix it and we were more than happy to have it be a learning experience.  In all honesty we were not anticipating it working perfectly when he got done with it but he fixed it and now it is :)

Whew, we are so wiped out.  My boys actually said on the way to church, " Mom, I think we need some recovery time today . . . ."   I agree.  
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