Friday, July 15, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

This is my view as soon as I start cooking.  Almost everyday I have four helpers ready and waiting.  Caleb, Kadin and Bailey are very good in the kitchen.  In fact they often make breakfast for all the kids in the morning.  I am so blessed to have such helpers :)

With all of our fort building, Kadin made this fort special for Titus.  Now in all honesty I think it was because he was being a little destructive with the big fort but it sure was exciting to Titus.  He quickly realized the fort with siblings was more fun though. :)

Hadassah LOVES water.  So I should have known better than to leave the bathroom to get something after starting the shower :)  She was too cute.

Caleb is into a new story.  His plot is exciting and a little intimidating in scope.  I snagged a picture when he was writing the first sentence. I told him that if his story is working out that I might share it on here.  He has a natural talent for writing. :) One of my challenges as his mama and teacher has been to figure out how to cultivate it.   I love seeing him hard at work over his creative writing notebook. 

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Momma Bug said...

Oh Caleb! You make me smile! What a great start - I can't wait to read the rest ;-)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome beginning! Very, very creative. I love the way this young man thinks ;-)

Rebecca C. Fowler said...

This post made me smile through and through! I loveeee it!!!!!