Friday, July 22, 2011

My Peanut, My Monkey

This little girl has been driven physically from birth.  She is always pushing herself to the limit, climbing, jumping, running . . .  Now she has decided to apply herself to communicating :)  Three weeks ago she pretty much just said daddy and now she is adding a few words a day.  I love this stage.  Everyday I am amazed by how she changes, what she says, and what she understands.
She is 14 months old.

Some of her news words . .
don't touch (this one is accompanied by a wagging finger)
nigh nigh
moooo ( this is what she calls her stuffed cow )
thank you
please . . . .

She also says her siblings names, though if I ask her where her belly is, she finds Bailey.

I was putting her to bed last night and staring down at her and I was struck by what an awesome privilege it is that I get to spend each day with her.  What a privilege that I get to raise my children and wake up each morning to them!  I wish I always remembered that. 

God, Thank you for the privilege of getting to spend each day with my children!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being the mama that you are - you should be told every now and then that you are awesome!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

PS - we all know that the peanut monkey is awesome ..... she must take after her grandma twinkles ;-)

Had to throw that in there - LOL