Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend and Ponderings

 Can you believe it! We got a family picture this morning with one shot!  Everyone was even looking at the camera.  I set it up on a chair on our coffee table.  The minute it flashed all the kids scattered and I thought, " ok do I want to be one of those mamas that ruins the morning by dragging everyone back to the couch and creating tension over everyone being still. . . or do I hope that picture came out and just let it go?"
Well, I told everyone to go ahead and scatter and the picture actually came out great :)

We have had two days of just the most beautiful weather.  Yesterday we sat on the tailgate of Stephen's truck and watched the boys play in our cul de sac.  We have been so blessed to have great neighbors on every side.  Almost all the houses have young kids as well, so the parents are ever cautious of kids playing and riding bikes.

 After Titus began to push his limits he was relegated to sitting with us in the back of the truck.

 Don't feel too bad for him though.  He still had fun especially after he stashed his goodies in his pocket to snack on . .
 My dear Mrs. Love, do you recognize Stephen's shirt? 
Closing the door on Daddy

This morning as we got ready for church I was admiring my honey as he helped get kids ready for church.  He also made me an omelet this morning :)  I have a very bad habit of forgetting breakfast Sunday morning which is a BIG mistake by the time church is in full swing.  I don't have an excuse either, we are usually ready for church very early and I have time.  Stephen was sweet to bring me eggs this morning and make me eat them.  He also stopped to read a book to his "Peanut" when she brought him one. 

It is unfathomable that I get to be married to him  <3

Church was so good this morning. 

Ok, remember Titus is two :D
Scott was teaching out of Colossians on submission, loving your wives, and parent/child relationships.   I am still chewing on the service from a couple weeks ago.  It was convicting.  The thing that really stood out to me was the question, " Do you overlook unrighteousness for the sake of peace?"  Do I, as the day gets long and I get tired, turn a blind eye to one of my little ones indiscretions because I feel like I am just done for the day?  Do I think," oh I am not up to the fight right now" and ignore my two year old pushing the envelope because I am tired?  I know I have.  It doesn't bring "peace" though; it creates a bigger fight tomorrow.  It sacrifices my child's character because of my laziness.  Ever since that Sunday it has been in the back of my mind  - lingering there when I feel overwhelmed, reminding me of my goal and the big picture. 

 After church we had a picnic at the park. 

 And headed home with some very hot, tired children  . . . . . . . . . and parents :)

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Anonymous said...

I love all of these pictures, and your blog makes me smile. Oh, how I miss the adventures of living in the Smith household!