Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping 2

Camping!  And it went even better than last time . . . . including better footwear ;)

We went with friends of ours.  They have three little boys and this was a little boys paradise.  My four oldest and their two oldest were gone most of the time; exploring, hunting squirrels, tracking, and getting as dirty as five little boys and one little girl could get. 

The boys especially liked the hunting.  It was a serious expedition , you know.

All of our little ones but Hadassah watching . . . .

the papas.

Can you spot Caleb?

There he is.

As the evening drew near Isabella told me she had to go potty.  As we were climbing the hill to her potty spot she asked me to carry her because, " I am fascinating!"  Hmm  . . . " Honey what do you think that means?" 
" It means I am tired." 
" Oh, where did you hear that?"
" Oh no where, I just made it up.  People that fascinate are fascinating and that means tired."

No, I did not tell her the real meaning yet.  I was too busy enjoying hers.

Very tired little critters. . . .except that they didn't all sleep.  See the little gap between the two little ones in the back, that is where I was supposed to sleep.  They both wanted to be as close as possible to me so if I lifted my head to talk to one of the kids they would meet in the middle and I suddenly had no place to sleep.  In case you are wondering where Stephen sleeps - he sleeps across the threshold of the tent.  We have sleep walkers and don't want to wake up to a missing boy.

We can't wait to go again :)
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Anonymous said...

Looks like they are all tired except Dassah ;-) I love the pictures, thank you for sharing! I love you!