Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mountain Escape

Today we ran off to the mountains to play.  First we started out in our claimed camp site, which some cows had decided to take over. (see picture later)  It was so good to get out and away - away from the mess and away from some of the heat.  The kids climbed trees, conquered rocks, shot guns, ran away from cows, and got very very dirty. 

Kadin actually pulled this branch down for Isabella to grab onto - this was the moment he let go.

Titus and Hadassah happily dug in the dirt for a good amount of time. 

Our beautiful campsite was littered with cow patties, not to mention a few cows.  We would be merrily going about our business when a cow or a few would suddenly pop out of nowhere and scare poor Isabella terribly. 

We did go exploring and found our next camp site.  We are looking forward to going next week.

All that play makes for some tired babies.  Yes, I confess, that is chocolate. 
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Anonymous said...

The ultimate chocolate kiss could come from that mouth ;-)