Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flipping for her brother

Well I thought the title was fitting in view of the video , , , , ,
You can see where Hadassah gets her drive to push things physically to the limits.  Lately she has been infatuated with Titus.  I posted the picture of them a few days ago that I love.  She was just about to kiss him and is looking up at him adoringly.  She follows him around and if he leans up against the wall she will lean up against the wall next to him.  If he touches something, climbs somewhere; she follows.  She copies him and he for the most part enjoys her company. 

Stephen could not be happier with this development.  You see after having the three boys before Isabella he thought that was the perfect set-up: three bodyguards per daughter.  Then I had to throw that all off and have just one boy before I had the next girl ;)  Stephen says with Titus we might just need the one though . . . . .  

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Rebecca C. Fowler said...

I hope to have another boy in the future, I lovvveee having a son now!! I would also be happy with a girl too because it is always so fun to see the new creation God comes up with next :p

Poor Mike, he has no "big" sons to help him out with Ashley, Annabelle & Rachel :p Michael will be too little still, especially when Deedles is big enough to have "followers" hehehe.... :p

Miss you guys!