Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our week - fires and sickness

This was the first day the Black Forest fire started.  It is now the most destructive fire in Colorado history.
We pray for those that have lost their homes, those displaced, and the brave responders that are on their 5th day of fighting it.
So far 473 homes have been a total loss.
We are not in danger but close enough that we have felt like having our evacuation bags packed was prudent.  In the last few days two separate fires have started very close to us but have been put out quickly.

We trust God for our protection.


We are still trying to fight this sickness that wants to go around and around in our home
My windowsill is very full at the moment.

This made me giggle so I had to take a picture.  They are all lined up with Lympha Rub dropped in their ears. :)
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