Friday, June 7, 2013

Jump for Joy

About a month ago our old round trampoline got mangled in a wind storm and my husband was so happy. :D
It was just the excuse he needed to get the trampoline he has wanted for forever.
We are now the proud owners of a 17' x 10' trampoline.
Stephen is actually  out there everyday doing back flips.
It somehow loosens up his shoulder and back and helps with his chronic pain and it is just a whole lot of fun ;)

Gabric loves it too.

Getting his balance at first

My wonderful husband was very patient with me and put up a net.  They are not his favorite and we didn't have one on our last trampoline.  It makes visitors much more comfortable with letting there kids play on it and our littles cause me less worry.

So far we have had a 10 person pillow fight on it . . . 

and daddies playing crack -the - egg with 8 kiddos. (this is Stephen's cousin Joe, in the orange shirt, who came to visit us with his awesome wife and little ones - more on that later :)
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Erica said...

How fun! What a wonderful trampoline for your family. I miss ours- it's packed away until we land at our next home. Enjoy!

Courtney said...

You guys should come jump on ours!
Love ya