Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guess who got a new car?

Yep, we did!  Stephen and I are so excited about having more room; the kids are just excited it has a tv in it (how extravagant :)
I have had to have Stephen come and pick up our groceries with the truck when we shop because while we have room for people in our suburban we do not have room for anything else.
This feels much less claustrophobic.
It has 13 seats AND storage room :)
It is in near perfect condition and we were able to get a great deal on it by paying in cash.


This was our vehicle until now :O

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damar said...

Interesting seating arrangement in your van. I haven't come across anything like that in our search for a 11 -12 passenger van.
Happy for you :)

Momma Bug said...

AAAACK! Hahahahaha!!!!!
You look (heaven forbid) a bit like US now :-D That makes me laugh.

Oh Friend - that will be so awesome for every day in your life. FOr grocery shopping and long trips, and sharing rides :-) Looks like fun.

We have filled all our 10 seats up, so now what? Double Decker articulating bus? That's what AJ wants :-D Me... not so much :-D

You have plenty of room to grow now, so feel free to add to the family!

I love ya!

Courtney said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting :) We love the seating arrangement! It has been great for pairing a little on with a big kid so everybody has a buddy.

I actually thought of you as we drove home with it. You guys definitely knew what you were doing :D
I am loving all the room.
Love you!