Saturday, June 29, 2013

Falling in Love

So on Monday I wanted to start a blog post with the title -
You see my husband in his great wisdom has started our whole family on the Couch to 5K program (click link).

I am not a runner.

At all.

In fact our first run I was on the side of the trail, bent over, dry heaving and getting tunnel vision.
At first I felt sorry for myself that I had to push a double stroller while starting a running routine
and then
I was so thankful I had it to keep me upright :D

Well the first day didn't go so well.

Then Wednesday came along and I went on a run with just Bailey and  . . . it didn't feel awful, I ran each of the running sessions, and when I came home I felt light hearted.
I had burning lungs but not as bad.

Then Friday came along and  . . . .
I liked it
I really did.  I felt so much better during the run.  I had a hard time halfway through but then I got a second wind and the last section I ran faster than the first.

And I came home hyper!

Maybe just maybe I won't hate this thing called running and one day I will be able to run a mile without stopping ;)

I will keep you updated.

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