Monday, June 10, 2013


This last Saturday, in what we thought was a reprieve from sickness in our home, we went to the Elizabash.  Our business Papa's Guns had a booth.  So while Stephen was hard at work the kids and I had a blast :)
The kids all had Ferris Wheel rides, bouncy house fun, horse rides and more.
The above picture is of us waiting for the parade to start. (with my good friend Leah)

Our booth

Waiting for our horse rides
Hadassah has decided she definitely wants a horse.  Her face was beaming as they went along a trail and she said "the horsey is so soft, now I am bigger than daddy, and ( of course) can I have a horse?"

Titus loved it too.  When we were halfway through the ride though he grabbed the reigns and screamed out YAW! 
When I tried to explain to him that he needed to stop he told me "but mama, I want to go faster and that is what you are supposed to say"

I especially appreciated our new van on this day because, since we had to be there all day,  the kids and I could escape and rest.  We just popped in a movie, turned on the air conditioning, kicked up our feet and took a nap.  Nursing is so much easier with a roomy seat and footrest than squished into the suburban.

Today the sickness has returned with a vengeance :( this time in our little Gabric.
I am hoping he will be the last to get the crud that has been going through our home.

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