Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prayer Request

Before I get to the prayer request, I had to show you what happens when my baby bats her eyes at her daddy. We were getting ready for a run to the store and the peanut brought her papa a shoe and smiled and said, "peeease". He put it on her. A few minutes later she brought him another shoe with a smile. . . . . . So here we are heading to Walmart and I look at my baby's feet. "Stephen, what is on her feet." He says, "well I thought at least they are opposite shoes." (meaning they are on the right feet) Oh well, yes, we did take her to the store like this.

I LOVE this picture that Isabella made for me. At first I thought she spelled mom upside down and then she told me, "Look it says WOW, mom." " It is you and me :) "

This next picture shows that when I have a ridiculously grumpy crying baby all the way through science and Bible time that maybe she just needed me to put her to bed. Isabella found her like this in our family room snoozing away.

OK, Prayer request. Today while Stephen was walking through the parking lot at work his shoulder slipped out of socket a little bit. Please click here - Waiting . . .   Ironically he has his big appointment on Friday.  This could change our plans quite a bit.  It could be an indicator that he will need the surgery a third time which is daunting.  Please pray for God's will in this situation and that Stephen would have wisdom in his communications with the doctor.  Stephen's shoulder is also in even more pain right now - even with the morphine they have him on.
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Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Courtney, sweet post. Peanut is so adorable! I am sorry Stephen's shoulder is aching so bad, we will remember him in prayer. I also think about you and hope your feeling energy and less nausea!



Kimberly said...

We will be praying for God's direction and less pain! We're so sad to hear all that you're going through! Love, Kimberly