Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big belly

So tonight my husband had a soldier in our home purchasing a firearm.  My lovely daughter ran up to the poor unsuspecting man who was getting ready to walk out the door and said, "  MY mama has another baby in her tummy - that is why her Belly is so BIG!"                                                                                    His eyebrows shot up to his hairline and he just looked at her not sure what to say.  I was having the hardest time not breaking out into hysterical giggles.  Stephen shut the door and turned around to find me bent over losing it.                                                                                                                                            Kids have such honesty :D


Momma Bug said...

Yeah. I'm pretty sure his eyebrows shot up because "big" is maybe not the best description for that darling little bump in your middle.

Glad you can see the humor in it all though :-)

Love you friend!

2010Aimee said...

Kids are honest. Very cute picture of you. Love your "big" little baby bump. Congrats again!


Courtney said...

Analene, I don't know - the belly is growing much faster this time :-D

Aimee, It is soo fun to see you on here! Thank you !

Love ~ Courtney

Kimberly said...

Maybe two? Just asking:)! Of course, my belly got much bigger after #6 at just 6-8 weeks. Right now, I'm enjoying seeing my toes:)You look darling and glowing! Can't wait to meet this little blessing! Love you!