Monday, October 10, 2011

During Bible Time Tonight

"Papa, excuse me, papa, what does dis-grace-ful mean?"
"It means  . . shameful, Isabella."
"Oh, oh that is bad." ~ Isabella
"Yes, that is is bad."
"hmmmm . . so it is good to not sleep through the harvest."

" Papa, I thought at first it was good . . "

Proverbs 10:5
The son who gathers during summer is prudent; the son who sleeps during harvest is disgraceful.

So cute!  I love listening to the little ones learn God's Word.  I love when things start to soak in enough to make them ponder them in their heart.  What a blessing it is to give our little ones the foundation for their worldview!  There is nothing so sweet to me as hearing His Truth come from my babies' mouths.

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